Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Hear Love, Did I Leave the DVD Player On?

I keep hearing myself say "I love you." While walking up six flights of stairs. While listening to professors. While doing math homework. While staring off into the distance.

Like whispers that are echoing endlessly through my ears, bouncing around in the chambers of my heart. It's a strange phenomenon. In math we might say that this type of event is a set whose only member is the empty set. It's happening and not happening at the same time.

I need to face it: I've watched too many romantic comedies lately. They're probably breaking my brain somehow so that I'm hearing myself saying things that I'm not saying.

But I leaned over the railing today and gazed into another world.

To say such a thing to a man--
--is much more lovely than anything that could be heard.

I am fascinated beyond belief with the intersections between men and women. We're so coarse with each other in our modern world. But I can still fall in love.


  1. I'm finally watching "Paris, Je T'aime."

    There is this wistful want to roam through Europe with someone. To see the lights of that fair Paris and run through the poppy fields of Tuscany. To set sail in Cicily and bathe in the Grecian sun...

    To say those 3 little words and to finally hear them whispered in return is both frightful and delicious. I guess, for now, immersing myself in foreign films and sappy romantic comedies will have to do 'til then...

  2. Yes. Yes, you can, Allie. Glad it's time.


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