Thursday, June 25, 2009


"There is something inherently selfish about not allowing the love that you are capable of see the light of day for fear it will someday cause you pain.

Of course it will cause you pain.

It's the risk of pain that creates the love in the first place. I think I had come to want the love without the risk, but that was an illusion. There isn't such a thing."

-Donald Miller

That's a good quote.


  1. which book is that from?

    so good.

  2. you'll love this, it's from his upcoming book. I feel pretty cool saying that, I'm not gonna lie.

  3. To love (and be loved) is a risk we are all challenged to live out. It is a choice as my friend once shared. It is a verb, an action. Proactive. Moving. Growing. Infesting (in a good way).

    But, to take the risk and live it out? Sucks like no other... at first. In the long run, it's soooo worth it!


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