Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a Republican...

"A conservative independent is just a Republican who’s had his heart broken." -Gail Collins for the NYTimes

I was musing to myself recently that I tend to assume that the entire human race is on the same journey as I am at all times. Everybody on Earth, from the recently born to the aged, have all just turned thirty this last year and have finally come of age, so to speak.

How self-centered, right? I know differently if I think about for more than five seconds. But naturally, as a way of handling world events and human diversity, it seems much easier to imagine that every single person on Earth is someone just like me, dealing with dangers and opportunities on every side, tempted by the absurd and delicious, and chastened by life's disappointments.

Perhaps it's loneliness that causes this. Isn't it wonderful to think of the over six billion people on this planet getting inspired and disillusioned by the same hope and failure at the same time for the same reasons? I wonder if we weren't created with a need for unity? I crave unity and harmony and the down side is that I find it intolerable to be pressured to bluff harmony when all I feel is dissonance. I want true concord, real connection.

I want to be connected to people through a common sense of like and dislike, through hopes and disappointments, through joys and terrors. I want to work alongside people I admire toward a common and wholesome goal. I want to do the things that are considered good works, regardless of whether a person is red, blue or purple (or green, for that matter). At the end of the day, politically, maybe I am just a Republican who's had her heart broken. But maybe that's true about me in more than just politics.

I do know that I find points of unity on both sides right now. Beyond the things we have in common, I'm going to have to find a lane to swim in, so to speak. Whatever it is that I think I must do, I have to find the people who are doing that very thing and get involved.


  1. I tend to live self-centeredly like that too, and then at times, I'm so self-centered that I think that no one else could possibly know how I'm feeling or what it's like to be me...rarely a happy medium or 'normal'. You have a great idea, though. One I've been running away from, but knew that I should be running towards, instead- figuring out what it is that I need to do, and the people I'm going to do it with. Thanks for challenging and inspiring me, Allie.

  2. I love that quote. I believe it. And I know what you mean (unless I am just indulging my own self-centered need to think that we think alike!) about how easy it is to assume that others are at the same place we are--with the same vantage point and the same filters and the same values and the same beliefs.

    It is only since I turned 35 (that was 8 years ago) that I am BEGINNING to be able to embrace the idea that it just isn't so.

    I appreciate your insights. Thank you for continuing to share them with the blogworld. You inspire and remind and challenge and you always do it with such honesty and wit...

  3. It's good to have one of the most brightest women I have never known back again.

    You were missed.

    When you find the community, let me know. I will join you.


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