Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Converting the Soul

Whatever things might change as time goes by, my day is still my own right now.

I'm sitting on an old stucco-like wall that has been painted over again and again. My shoes are off, kicked onto the cement below where I'm perched. My jeans are rolled up to my knees and I've lathered my feet with hand lotion that I keep in my backpack. I've got three shirts on to keep me warm, even though the sun is out in full force right now. I'm facing the sun directly and my hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

I ate my lunch like this and random bumble bees and flying insects came and went like friendly visitors to my lunchtime reverie. The grass is still green and soft, and still feels wonderful on warm days like this when I have a two hour lunch break to while away in whatever manner pleases me.

I like to think that every day should have moments like this, where the connection between heaven and earth is tangible. I read yesterday a verse that said something like the testimony of the Lord is good and converts the soul. Today feels like the embodiment of that idea. The goodness of God is more obvious to me when I'm this relaxed and at peace. It converts the wayward places in my soul.

As Dixon often says: Pray, God is near.

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