Thursday, July 31, 2014

Work is Play

My boss got VIP tickets for the Liverpool / Manchester match last night at Yankee Stadium.  If I lived inside my own video game, last night's hot dog and beer might symbolize admittance into the next level of American citizenship.
Our View of the Turf at Yankee Stadium
Tucker, from Boston, told me that he would revoke his friendship if I become a Yankee fan. I say: you can't choose who you love.

Editor's Update with Subsequent Conversation:

Steph: i agree with tucker. you cannot become a yankees fan ;)

Allie: too late

Steph: what???? oh come on. at least pick the mets or something.

Allie: No, they are nearly repulsive to me because they are so meaningless. That's like buying a Kia

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