Sunday, January 3, 2010

For Something A Little Lighter

It's probably good to follow up a few serious posts with some light-hearted writings.

Firstly, it's part of my nature to be soulful and melancholy.
Secondly, I've always had a spot in my heart for ridiculous adventures.
Thirdly, out of sight, out of mind. Problems are only as big as the space you give them in the room. And at the moment, I'm in a room full of strangers and the only problems I have in front of me are the obscene lack of food being sold at Bongo Java on Sunday nights and the sad fact of having no more date-planner room left to start an awesome new year.

Shelby and I sat on her bed tonight exchanging secrets. We both are planning on having a fantastic new year, full of excitement and travel and new things. Both of us are glad that 2009 is over over over.

I'm going to apply to grad school this year. And by next year I'll be finding out where I will spend the next five years of my life. It won't be here in Nashville, that's the only thing I know for absolutely certain. It will be the newest experience ever. I'll be a grad student. Working on my PhD.

What the heck?
Who am I?

And that's something else. I can be anyone I want to be, do anything I want to do. I want to volunteer with children's charities and work on my physical endurance so that I can do some of the weirder yoga poses I've seen in the magazines at the school gym. Things like balancing on your head and stuff. I can fall in love again with life, because I have this thing where I get so caught up in another person's needs and interests that I forget what it's like to be myself. And then I resent them for awhile. But after all of that's over, I forget them and I go on about my business of working out the kinks in my own life. So I'm back to that now.

So yeah, 2010. We're ready:

Working out the kinks.

Falling in love, maybe.

Breathing deeply again.

Forgetting all that is behind.

Eating less sugar, naturally.

Living in worship to God.

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