Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As I was going about my day, praying and reading and blogging and gymming, I had this picture in my heart over and over again. At one point I just realized that it might be a picture that God was giving me as a metaphor. The picture is of a drinking gourd. You know the ones from elementary school history books on early civilizations.

The picture I got was that my life is like a drinking gourd and that the things I've surrounded myself with over the past two years have been like a dark wine inside the gourd. No matter what I do now, I feel as though the inside of me has been stained by some pretty defeating experiences with people and situations.

I saw the inside of the gourd being sanded and scraped out. Some things you can't water away, and I know that better than anyone else.

So much of Nashville is cool, rather than good. I want that scraped away from me, too.

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