Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Going to Be A Mamaberry

It's true!
I am now the proud parent of an even clunkier phone!

O, darling Blackberry...
{ I'll need a name for the little poopsie that sounds less like one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends and more like "Happy the Metro"}

I've been waiting to be free from Crappy the Samsung since a few days after I received it in the mail, when I realized that "smooth and sleek keypad" was just a cover for Samsung saving money by getting rid of individualized button-ry.

I know that iPhones are the gadget to have.
And yes
I know that Blackberries are more for the funny-shoed businessman type.

Ne'ertheless, I am very excited to meet and hold Curve, the Titanium wonder phone.
So say whatever you will--
This new phone will bring me closer to God.
Just you wait.


  1. Um, you can call it "Marilyn" since it's curvy like Marilyn Monroe....

  2. Or "Curvy the Titanium Wonder"

    - Jenn

  3. Marilyn would be too many syllables, but I like where it's headed. Very iconic.

    Curvy...that's just too...I don't know...too something. Maybe asking for trouble for a girl with a curvy body to call her phone curvy.


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