Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Leaf, New Trees

The storm is beginning to rage outside. It sounds so far away from this protected world in my room. The rain is hitting the window with a fury, beat by the wind here and there against our house. But it's not much different than the sound of the water on the glass when you take your car through the car wash.

I've had a long weekend of new experiences and full adventures. I'm stepping out on a limb now, trying new things with new people. I'm seeing myself apart from my community for the first time in a long time--as just a single individual making her way in the world. It's interesting to describe myself, as if for the first time, to a stranger. It's interesting to hear myself describe my family, my decision making, my school life.

Some of it sounds boring.
Some of it sounds quixotic.
I'm not embarrassed by any of it, though. It's all me--I feel like I can truly own my decisions-like they were authentically formed and purposefully carried out.


  1. When it comes to this life, it is best if you make no apologies for being you, and live with no regrets for decisions along the way...

    ...or so I'm learning.

    I've always chased after windmills myself, but I'm finally okay with that.

    The dreamers are this generation's doers, yes?

  2. I'm so happy for all these new-found surprises in your life, Allie!

    Oddly, in meeting people here and telling them about myself I realize how uneventful, safe and BORING my life is.


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