Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Bliss, This Bliss- How Unremarkable, Though

Things I approve of, in no particular order:

-Blackberries {fruit & smartphones}
-Nonstick pans
-Mechanical pencils
-1.5 Liter water bottles
-Animal crackers from Trader Joes
-Dunkin' Donuts coffee
-Nude colored high heels
-Dog owners
-TIME Magazine cover stories
-Imogen Heap's new album
-Chocolate soy milk

These things are the spinning spokes in my 22s.
They're the wind blowing through my dandelions!
They're sunset kisses, even!

Or maybe that's going too far.

Comfort objects, that's what they are. Objects of joy. Unremarkable things, but so blissful.

Speaking of joyful objects, I have not set my Blackberry down since it first arrived into my loving arms. Yes, I see exactly why they call them Crackberries; a-d-d-i-c-t-i-v-e. And as you can see in the poll...the naming of my phone has been decided by you all, who know what's best for me and my new darling phone. His name is officially Booker. Booker has a clear plastic protective shell, which is important, considering I already dropped him onto a wood floor at Annie's last night after a really full dinner followed by brownies.

Play this video for Imogen's new single, First Train Home:

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