Monday, August 17, 2009

Working / Laughing

I have a one-train mind.

The track is never the same, but whatever track I end up on...the train gets stuck real good. Today my mind felt like a wild mustang ranch with a broken fence. Horses everywhere. Chaos and excitement and swirling dust.

I think, at one point in the day, my heart was actually racing with a swiftness that quite caught me off guard and caused a small sort of fever.

All the while I sat nearly motionless at my desk inside a light grey cubicle under fluorescent lights, printing mortgage documents for people with awkward names that sound like feminine hygiene products or human innards. I spend half of my printing time listening to regional news of France in French and the other half of my time laughing quietly to myself about the names of the people on our loans.

Really? You named your daughter after a redwood tree?
Really? You named your son the equivalent of Todd Todderts?

People, I ask this genuinely--when it comes to naming your children, what are you thinking?

That's why Jack is such a good, strong name, for a boy.
And of course, for a girl--Asbestos.


  1. I had to laugh just a little at your comment about naming children. I work for a company that deals with a particular ethnic and religious group that is decidedly less than creative in naming. The variety is minimal, but it gets worse.

    The names can be truly generic. Peter P. Peters. And what, you ask, does the "P" stand for? Peter. Indeed. Peter Peter Peters. It's stunning really.

  2. Peter Peters? I don't want to judge, but why?


    If I had been named Allie Allie, now that would have been kind of cool, because people call me that anyway.

  3. I am so full of joy right now. All is right. You didn't miss a beat :)


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