Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Personal Habit Rant, August 24 09

Since I'm in a mood to be cranky about my personal habits, I might as well add that I stay up until my head aches and then wake up with a sort of "life hangover." Today I sat in the bathroom with my head in my hands because I was too tired to go back to my desk.

What kind of person does that?

I said no to pizza today.
And then said no to cookies tonight.

This is how one gets the train back on the tracks, I imagine. A bunch of miserable days of headaches and hitting up the office vending machine followed by the pure taste of strict will power. Then the place in between those two extremes, which at this point seems like a place right out of Dante's Inferno.

I have six days until school starts. No more winge-ing. No more self-congratulation followed by self-destruction-by-sugar. No more numb arms and legs. No more 2am headaches.

This train is going and I'm on it.

PS: I got an email from Cameron today on my phone {because Booker is connected to the interwebs!} and for some reason the novelty of reading it on my phone made me think for a second that he was back in the USA. I was confused and elated and confused and elated and then sort of mystified. Turns out, he's still off the coast of Africa. I miss the dude.

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